South Coast Standing Stem Ltd.

In the early morning of Dec. 15, 2006 two 300 year old fir trees came crashing through the roof of our log home.  Strong beams prevented them from totally destroying the house but the job of removing the monsters (with a combined estimated weight of 44 tons) was daunting.  The restoration company knew it was beyond their ability and they called in a local tree service.  Before they even came to see the job a very lucky (for us) series of contacts led Gord Closson to our door.  He said he could have a crew here in a couple of days and the trees would be off before the Christmas break.  Gord said he didn't sleep the night before beginning the job as he went over and over in his head how to proceed.  Even so, the guys encountered some unique complications, and inclement weather, as the job progessed.  At every step and with every setback we knew from Gord's confidence, expertise and tenacity that they would get the job done safely.  When the larger of the two trees proved to be especially troublesome an excavator was called in and the crew prepared the tree and the site for an extrememly delicate removal.  Although we watched with our hearts in our throats through much of the operation we were confident in the crew of SCSS and knew we had made the right choice to hire them.  While waiting for the excavator to arrive we had the guys spiral trim several other large trees on our property and now when the winds howl we are relieved to see how cleanly the wind passes through these trees. In our minds and hearts these guys are the best, and we are forever grateful to them. 
We get a lot of enjoyment watching "our heroes" in their Heli-logging series on the Discovery Channel.


Victoria home after windstorm Victoria home after windstorm Victoria home after windstorm Victoria home after windstorm Victoria home after windstorm Victoria home after windstorm

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