Meeting the Expectations of our Clients


Our company takes every step possible to provide its customers with "quality" service. This is reflected by our commitment to safety, striving for efficiencies and diligently following SOP's as well as a management style that seeks innovative ways of accomplishing desired outcomes.

WITHIN THE REALM OF QUALITY, SCSS strives to meet the log specifications as directed by its clients. Those bucking cards represent the ultimate customer's requirements for attaining sales of the log production. The closer we can get to attaining 100% compliance of attaining your specifications, the easier you, our customer will have in attaining top dollar in your log sales. We utilize banding, jacking, directional falling and standing stem techniques to save out the wood so that the maximum timber resource is realized on the land-base.

Volumes and Values


THE VALUES GAINED and volumes of wood saved utilizing Standing Stem Techniques offer the best method to minimizing loss of the resource during the woods manufacturing process. Average hand falling can result in damage to 20% to 33% of the original wood volume due to breakage, slabbing and shatter whereas utilizing jacking this can be reduced to 7% to 8%, while the ultimate is to utilize Standing Stem in preparing the tree, thereby achieving minimal loss levels of from 0% to 1%. Within high value old growth stands such as Cedar, Cypress and Fir, the volume and value loss from NOT utilizing Standing Stem techniques can equate to loosing $1500.00 to $3000.00 per tree. The company has extensive documentation of the volume and value degradation resulting from a number of falling systems and can provide a more detailed explanation if so desired on this topic.

The commitment SCSS has with respect to safety is clearly evident from the diligence it has in conducting training, audits and Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) programs each month. The company maintains large comprehensive documentation for all Job Safety Breakdowns, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and an in-depth Safety Handbook for Standing Stem Preparation that outlines the specialized tasks of site hazard assessment, tree assessment, Climbing, Jigging, and Jacking for the harvest system.