Services and Equipment


South Coast Standing Stem is a full service Heli-logging and supply company available for any location across BC since early 2006.  We operate with the newest and innovative equipment and service techniques.  We take pride in our strenuous machinery for every job we are encountered with knowing we have all the newest and up-to-date maintenance and safety procedures in place to ensure the job gets done in a fast manner with safety as our top priority.


K-MAX Helicopter

Our K-1200 K-MAX is the world's first helicopter specifically designed, tested, and certified for repetitive external lift operations.  The K-MAX is known for lifting a max gross weight of 6,000 Ibs, with an empty weight of 5,100 Ibs.  An important feature of the K-MAX is its fuel consumptions being as low as 85 US gals per hour.


206 Helicopter

Our 206 helicopter has a capacity of four passengers and one pilot.  Reaching a max speed of 120 knots.  The 206 is a great support helicopter to guarantee the safety of our workers out on the job.


Tug Boat

Our tug boat is a 28 Ft powerful boat used for towing larger vessels, especially in harbor. We frequently use this boat to tow boom sticks and move around fallen logs.


Crew Boat

Our crew boat is a 10 man, 28 Ft aluminum crew boat, specialized for the transport of offshore support personnel, deck cargo, and below-deck cargo.


Float Camp with Service Landing

Our floating camp facility is a 32 man camp with a commercial kitchen and all the accommodations needed for our employees,  including a washer, dry room, and air circulation system.


Ramp Barge

Our ramp barge is designed to carry cargo, store fuel, land helicopters, and provide us with a ramp for moving machinery.  The vessel length is 16.23 m with a vessel breadth of 7.37 m.